Memorial Day

For Memorial Day I want to remember the two men who were killed in my A battery 2/94th artillery at Firebase Barbara in Vietnam - Paul John Kosanke and Willie Austin. i also want to remember my dad, who served in both the European theater (in France) and the Pacific theater (in the Philippines) in … Continue reading Memorial Day

M252 81-mm mortar

At LZ Sharon, I pretty much had my own 81-mm mortar that we used to fire illumination rounds for the quad-50 machine gun that was our main ground defense. We didn't worry much about a ground attack while the battery was firing, which usually lasted until 3 am or 4 am. So, the main concern … Continue reading M252 81-mm mortar

M110 8-inch howitzer and M107 175-mm gun

The 2/94th artillery batallion was a heavy artillery batallion with three batteries of 8-inch howitzers and 175 mm guns. The self-propelled carriage was the same for both configurations. A tube (barrel) change converted it from one to the other. The 8-inch howitzer could fire a heavier shell about 10 miles, and the 175-mm gun could … Continue reading M110 8-inch howitzer and M107 175-mm gun

M577 Mobile Command Post in Vietnam The fire direction center (FDC) of our heavy artillery battery had as part of its standard equipment an M577 mobile command post. As the chief of section of the FDC, I had to sign for the M577, as well as all the rest of the equipment, radios, generators, computers, machine guns, etc. The M577 … Continue reading M577 Mobile Command Post in Vietnam

M-42 Dusters in Vietnam At Firebase Barbara we had 40 mm duster for ground defense of our heavy artillery battery, since we had no Anerican infantry support, although we did have Vietnamese infantry support. Like the quad-50 machine guns, dusters were used in World War II as anti-aircraft weapons, but in Vietnam, they were used as anti-personnel weapons. … Continue reading M-42 Dusters in Vietnam

Quad-50s in Vietnam At LZ Sharon we had quad-50 machine guns for ground defense of our heavy artillery battery, since we had no infantry defense. We did have a motley crew of South Vietnamese solders for perimeter defense. I used to fire our 81 mm mortar for illumination to support the quad-50, so they could see what … Continue reading Quad-50s in Vietnam