Charlie-1 or Cam Lo

I always called my last base “Charlie-1,” but I have not been able to find anything on the Internet about Charlie-1. I have found mentions of Charlie-2 and Charlie-3. They are usually connected to a base called “Cam Lo” after the nearest Vietnamese town. So, I think Charlie-1 and Cam Lo may be the same place. The location given for Cam Lo, about 15 kilometers west of Dong Ha, is about where Charlie 1 was.

I thought there were three strings of bases along the DMZ between North and South Vietnam. There were the Alpha bases, Alpha-1, Alpha-2, etc., which were the closest bases to the DMZ Then came the Bravo base, a little farther south, and finally the Charlie bases, starting with Charlie-1 the eastern-most, a few miles west of Dong Ha. The Wikipedia page for Cam Lo is located here.

This is a map showing Cam Lo, just west of Dong Ha and south of Alpha 4 and Charlie-2. This map also shows Mai Loc, just below Cam Lo. Mai Loc was overrun by the North Vietnamese while we were at FireBase Barbara, which is farther west than this map extends.

Map showing Cam Lo about where Charlie-1 was


Map Showing LZ Sharon

LZ Sharon circled

This map is from Vietnam War Stories

I was probably at LZ Sharon from around January to March 1970

The mortar at LZ Sharon

At Sharon, w had no infantry support. For defense, we had a quad-50 machine gun and an 85-mm mortar for shooting illumination rounds for the quad-50 and perimeter guards to watch for enemy probes. A quad-50 machine gun is four 50-caliber machine guns on one bracket which is mounted on the back of a 5-ton truck. It was used in previous wars as an anti-aircraft weapon. I ended up shooting most of the illumination rounds because I was up all night working on fire missions for the artillery battery. I was used to computing data to hit targets; so, I could pretty much figure out the mortar illumination settings in my head to adjust fire. In this picture, we are either setting up or removing the mortar when we were arriving at or leaving LZ Sharon.

The FDC Crew

Here are some of the crew of the Fire Direction Center of A Battery of the 2/94th Artillery.

I think this is LZ Sally, so around November 1969
On the road, moving to a new position or on an artillery raid
Charlie 1
Charlie 1
Charlie 1
Chop-chop, our dog on the left with a friend

Still More Photos from I Corps

An 8-inch howitzer on the road to Barbara
A Duster assigned to protect us at Firebase Barbara. The dusters were originally anti-aircraft guns, but in Vietnam, they became anti-personnel weapons. They fired streams of 40 mm shells, each one a tracer, making for a good light show.

Chop-chop, the Fire Direction Center’s dog at Charlie -1.

More Photos of I Corps in Vietnam

This is the train that ran along the coast of Vietnam and along highway QL-1. One of our jobs was to protect its track, but the track was blown up almost every night, so that the train seldom ran while I was there.


I think this must be LZ Sally with the 101st Airborne, since they were the only ones who had helicopters at a base where I was posted.

With the 101st Division in the A Shau valley

I think this must be the road out to Firebase Barbara.


More I Corps Photos

More photos from I Corps (northern South Vietnam). The city in these pictures is Hue.

I Corps Photos

Here are some additional pictures of my tour in Vietnam during 1969-70 in northern I Corps.  


Either LZ Sally in the Asau Valley or Charlie I on the DMZ


An artillery raid


Charlie I


Charlie I


Cobra helicopter gunships at LZ Sallie